B.G. Cousins
B.G. Cousins is a mineral processing consultant who’s career has taken him to many places around world. An avid reader of history and historical fiction, he spent many a layover at airports in their book stores.

In 2015, during a lull in contract work, he indulged his vivid imagination for stories and produced the novel, “The Locket”, which was published in March of 2016. He prides himself on doing extensive research to make his stories as historically accurate as possible, weaving historical anomalies into rich stories of love, conflict and adventure.

B.G. Cousins currently resides in Calgary, Alberta, with his wife, Carmen, his dog Piper, and his ever present bagpipes that he has been playing and travelling with for over 40 years.
A woman in search of her father.
A soldier in search of a future
A journey through the maelstrom of the Russian Revolution.
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Elizabeth Clarke gave her brother a silver locket to remind him of home as he left for war in June of 1917. But as the Great War ends for America, it continues on for Elizabeth. While carrying out duties for the US State Department, her father went missing in the chaos of the Russia Revolution. When word arrives that he is alive and needs assistance moving a valuable and mysterious ‘package’ out of Russia, it is up to his children to organize the rescue.

While the Mission moves forward, Elizabeth discovers that the locket she gave her brother has become more than a link to her brother in times of war, but also between her and other members of her brother’s regiment, including the veteran Captain Robert Rainey, a man who raises emotions in her that are both unfamiliar and a dangerous distraction to the Mission.

As they plunge into the maelstrom of the Russian Revolution, they face warlords, anarchists, monarchists, Bolsheviks, and Cossacks in a conflict with many sides and brutal treachery. They also find a dark force following them, hoping to be led to her father and the precious ‘package’ that could change the course of history.
The Rainey Chronicles, Book I
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Muscovy 1460. After years of combat, veteran mercenary Connor Rainey heads into the Land of the Rus in search of a peaceful new home. What he finds is anything but peaceful.
In the dark world of early Russia, Ivan III sets in motion a plan for uniting the fractured lands into a powerful new nation. But he is surrounded by enemies, both outside his lands and in his own court. When Connor Rainey arrives with knowledge of new weapons and the politics of Muscovy’s enemies to the west, he is rewarded with the lands of a boyar whose attempt to assassinate Ivan was foiled by Rainey. And with the lands comes the boyar’s fiery daughter, Ludmilla, who is unwilling to surrender her birthright to anyone.

Spanning 25 years, The Great Celt weaves a story of love, intrigue and power leading to the formation of Russia as a nation and the transformation of the Grand Prince of Muscovy to Tsar of All the Russias.

The Rainey Chronicles, Book II