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The Locket, by B.G. Cousins

A woman in search of her father.
A soldier in search of a future
A journey through the maelstrom of the Russian Revolution.
Canadian Lieutenant Robert Rainey and German Oberleutnant Peter Dietrich meet in a shell crater during the Battle of Frezenburg, only to find they have more in common than enemies should.
Kapitan Yuri Sergeyvich Krasenovsky of the famed Volinsky Regiment finds himself in the throws of revolution when his regiment is ordered to fire on the starving people of Petrograd.
Lieutenant Jeremy Clarke prepares to go off to the Great War. His sister, Elizabeth gives him a small locket to remind him of home.
Elizabeth Clarke attends her first board meeting of her family's steel company. Her goal; get a new furnace project initiated in a room full of men who don't believe she should be in the room.
At the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, Captain Rainey finds himself assisting a small group of colonials who are attempting to negotiate some level of independence for their country from the French government.
The Crater
Broken Loyalty
Fourteen Points
The Board Room
Off to War